A little about Mistress V.

 I am currently 27 years old and living in  the Capital Distric area of New York state. I was born in New York city and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico and in Bronx NY. It was during my younger teenage years living in New York city that I discovered the BDSM scene and instantly became enamored with the lifestyle. At a very early age I found myself drawn to sado-masochism and all things kinky. I was drawn to the fetish parties and night clubs all over Manhattan. Most times I was easily one of the youngest Women there and effortlessly had slaves and subs lined up hoping to get my attention, whether it be by receiving a spanking from Me, or by begging for the honor of kneeling down by My feet to worship them. Needless to say 

 I instantly felt at home even the first time I attended a BDSM event.By the age of 20, I was actively wielding the whip and had slaves all over New York city. However I was still learning about the abilities that I had to command and control those who need it. Now that I am older, I recognize the power that I have as a Woman. And I love to use it! I enjoy all aspects of Domination and excel in making fantasies into realities, time and time again. 

Now you naughty boys and girls, are you ready to deliver submission and devotion to your Mistress? 



Added on September 2, 2013

Love forced bi other fetish love to serve.

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